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Current Openings

Fulltime Permanent Mathematics (grades 5-8) and Informational Technology Teacher (grades PreK-8) St. Sebastian Regional School

  • Teaches a rigorous mathematics curriculum to students in grades 5-8 and and basic computer applications through programming to students in PreK-8th grade.  Using iPads, laptops, robots, and new technologies, all instruction occurs through exemplifying our Catholic faith and beliefs.

Part-time Spanish (grades K-8) St. Sebastian Regional School

  • Immerses students in the Spanish language and culture.  Students in grades K-6 will receive two periods of Spanish instruction each week, while students in grades 7-8 will have three periods of Spanish each week.  All courses are taught through the infusion and exemplification of our Catholic faith and beliefs.

Part-time Religion Teacher (grades 7-8) St. Sebastian Regional School

  • Teaches 7th and 8th grade students our Catholic Faith through Religion classes held one period per day for 7th and one period per day for 8th grade, all week.  Involves students in community service and bi-weekly Mass leadership and participation.

Part-time  OR  Full-time Health & PE (grades PreK-8) St. Sebastian Regional School  (Full-time is a shared position with Conn-Area)

·         Teaches PreK-8th grade students physical education one period per week and 4th-8th grade health one period per week.  Both courses are taught through the infusion and exemplification of our Catholic faith and beliefs.

Part-time Custodial/Maintenance Position St. Sebastian Regional School

            2 positions—7:45 am-12:15 pm and 12:30-5:00 pm (choice of one)

  • Includes but is not limited to:  continual cleaning throughout the day, replenishing paper products, emptying trash, set-up/tear-down parking lot and multi-purpose room events, and maintenance (e.g., change light bulbs, fix loose or broken door handles/latches, fix dripping faucets, unclog toilets, patching/painting, lawn mowing, etc.)

How to Apply

    1. Please submit, immediately, a letter of interest to Nina Zetty, Principal, at
    2. Then submit the remaining materials listed below to Tiffany Miller, Business Manager, at
    3. Questions can also be directed to Tiffany at the above email address.

To be considered for employment, please submit the following materials (unless noted otherwise in the job description above).

  1. Resume with references
  2. Criminal History Record Check (Act 34)
  3. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151)
  4. Federal Criminal History Background Checks (Act 114 and 61)
  5. Signed ACT 24 Form
  6. Diocesan Application
  7. Mandated Reporter certificate
  8. Virtus Certificate
  9. Teaching or Principal Certificate (or evidence of certification) for teaching positions

*Final consideration for employment may require the submission of a letter from the candidate's pastor, immediate past employer, and/or two professional references.