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 Parent Teachers Guild

familyfunnight.jpgSt. Sebastian PTG is an organization that functions with the permission of the Principal of Saint Sebastian School and the school’s Board of Pastors.

The object of the organization shall be to work for the advancement of Catholic education and the welfare of the children of Saint Sebastian Regional School. The PTG acts in the promotion of the Parent/Teacher activities to increase interest in Catholic education and to promote fundraising that will aid in obtaining these objectives.

There are four officers on the PTG; a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The officers work closely with one another plus the remaining Executive Board members. The Executive Board consists of one member of administration, 10 parents from grades Pre K thru 8th, and four teachers. The Board works together as one group to plan activities, goals and expenditures of this organization.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm during the school term and as deemed necessary. All meetings are posted on the school calendar and are open for all to attend. Only Executive Board members are able to vote on any agendas, input can be provided by anyone.  Please feel free to join the PTG in helping to better Saint Sebastian Regional School currently and for the future.


                                                                                     2017-2018 Officers                                                                                                                   

  •                                                                   President: Michelle Watson
  •                                                                   Vice President: Yvonne Nucci
  •                                                                   Treasurer: Tracie Plunko
  •                                                                   Secretary: Jenn DiPietrantonio

It's been a busy few weeks since our last meeting…and finally, here is the code to join the SSRS PTG Remind group!

Since most people present at the meeting stated that they already have the Remind app – you will just need to open your app, scroll to the bottom & click the blue plus sign that says 'Join a Class'.   Our PTG code to enter is  @ssrspt

If someone does not already have the app & would like complete instructions e-mailed to them, please just let me know. 

Also, friendly reminder that our October PTG meeting is tomorrow at 3:30pm.  Hope to see many of your smiling faces there!  We will have a few issues to review & discuss, but will mostly be working on details for Family Fun Night.  Bring your ideas!   If you are unable to attend, conference call information is as follows:

Dial in #: (563)999-2090

Access Code525339

Have a great day!



St Sebastian Regional School PTG

"It's for the Kids!"

October 3, 2017


1.     Call to Order

2.     Prayer

3.     Pledge of Allegiance

4.     Review of September minutes

5.     Financial report

6.    Review : PTG events since last meeting & old business

a.   Grandparent's Day

b.   Black Friday tickets distributed

c.   Spirit Wear orders received

d.   PTG shirts – any new orders?

e.   Book Fair – scheduled Oct 18-20, attended workshop, flyers will start going out tomorrow

f.    Sarris Christmas Candy flyers going out Friday (10/6)

g.   SSRS PTG Remind App up & running

h.   Pre-K tables

7.       Discuss new business

a.   Budget

b.   Field Trips

c.   Entry rugs

d.   Santa's Workshop – items selected & dates set – December 4th-8th

e.   Family Game Night (fundraiser)

f.    Family Fun Night

Financial Statement October 2017
St. Sebastian School (PTG) (PNC BANK)
Beginning Balance August 1, 2017 18,379.34
Deposits & Additions                       612.00
Checks & Deductions                -$10,589.19
Ending Balance                          $ 8,402.15
Date         Description
9/13/2017 DJ Family Fun Night Deposit     (50.00)
9/11/2017 English Fest Books (480.00)
9/13/2017 Open house first day of school     (58.47)
9/13/2017 Wild Things (160.72)
9/20/2017 SSRS Fence for playground (2,000.00)
9/28/2017 laptops (7,840.00)
        Total Expenses                         (10,589.19)
Outstanding security system                                    $2,075.00
Laptops still outstanding                                            $1,200.00 estimate
Ending Balance $3,275.00

September 2017 

 August 2017

List of Events/Expenses/Fundraisers covered by PTG



  • Back to School Event (Wild Things game)
  • Open House – refreshments & PTG table
  • First Day of School – sign – coffee & donuts
  • All bussing – field trips, English Fest, etc
  • Holiday lunches – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter
  • Assemblies
  • PJAS registration
  • English Fest books
  • 8th grade jackets
  • Honors Reception
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Full-page yearbook ad
  • Scholastic Book Fair (fall & spring)
  • Halloween Decorations for Trunk or Treat
  • Black Friday tickets
  • Gifts for special occasions – Admin Day, Secretary Day, Christmas, Principal's Day, Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Sarris Candy Sales –Christmas & Easter
  • Sarris Candy – prizes for top sellers
  • Santa's Workshop
  • PTG Christmas dinner
  • Catholic Schools Week activities
  • Family Fun Night
  • Spring Ticket
  • Night at the Races
  • Walk-a-thon
  • End of School Year activity
  • Spirit Wear sales

PTG Activities To-Date 2016-17​

Fundraisers Amount received  Expenses   Profit
Wild Things                                 1,109.00                                                                                         (1,204.29)         (95.29)
Kids Stuff Books                                 1,550.00                                                                                             (775.00)         775.00
Spirit Wear                                 1,730.00                                                                                         (1,691.00)           39.00
X-mas Sarris Candy Sale                                 4,786.20                                                                                         (3,429.62)     1,356.58
Black Friday Ticket Sale                                 2,380.00                                                                                         (1,125.00)     1,255.00
Scholastic Book Fair                                 2,288.85                                                                                         (2,288.85)                  -  
Santa's Workshop                                 2,765.25                                                                                         (2,422.66)         342.59
Family Fun Night                                 4,767.74                                                                                         (6,151.24)   (1,383.50)
​​Easter Sarris Candy Sale​ - click for info


Current Balance:  $20,135.64

PTG Meeting March 7 Unofficial minutes.pdf

​St. Sebastian School (PTG) Financial Report as of April 4, 2017​

Beginning Balance March 1, 2017​ $20,105.59

Deposits & Additions        $ 6,851.12
Checks & Deductions -$2,391.87
Ending Balance     $24,564.84
Date Description
3/16/17 1st Prize Sarris Candy Winner -$100.00
3/20/17 Scholastic Book Fair -$2,291.87
. -$2,391.87​